Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How to upload videos?

I've been trying to upload my new videos but can't seem to do it on these comps that are not Macs.

Anyone have any advice/instructions?
Geez, I hope I didn't offend Alan.

I get so few comments, and finally I get one and my video has been short of interesting for him.

Maybe I am to sensitive for this type of existance.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Nice view

One of my better sides.

Self Portrait

This feels better.

With some chics

Eating with imported gals in Baltimore.

In Baltimore

Picnicking inside.

Important place

Caught Kissing

Couldn't resist keeping my lips off of this one.

The way of all trash

Dessert waiting to happen

Walking around

Here's me walking around the gallery.

Animal Police

That poor horse has had broken legs for several years now. When I took him out of the baggage claim in Washington when I got back from Russia his ears were gone and two legs snapped. I've been bandaging them for years. He spent his whole stint in South America lame and now he's standing out in the cold.

I'm getting convinced. Plus, since his ears have gone the way of all flesh, he can't even hear when danger is around to activate his "fight or flight" thing.

Hope the animal police from the TV show in Chicago don't hear about this.

Scroll down to see him. Anatomically correct, thanks to the handy work of Cergey, but this pic might not show that.

Italian sausage

Does anyone know if this kind of sausage can stay good without a fridge?

I bought it not from a refrigerated part of the store, so I assumed it could stay unrefrigerated. When I cut into it last night to eat it it smelled really weird. Pork and all kinds of thing in there. I don't think I'm going to eat it.

Pepperoni, on the other hand, seems happy to hang around for as long as it takes for me to get at it.

I bought a cooked chicken a couple of weeks ago and kept it in the car so it wouldn't go bad. There is heat coming from some of the pipes that are up near my head in the basement, and I need to keep that kind of thing up high so the dogs don't get it. Car seemed better, and colder.

Thawed out Pipes

The pipes thawed out so I was able to get some water. This is what I use to drink from. I fill it up outside when the water is not frozen and bring it in.

I learned in Poland that when you have drinks around that don't have a cover or lid you cover them with a napkin to keep the dust off. Finally found a good use for this yellow napkin I found in the house.

Alien Nests

I put some of these nests together to attract aliens.

One of my friends asked me, "Why do you think aliens would be interested in nesting there?"

I said, "Have you ever seen an alien?'

"No" he replied.

"Have you ever seen how they live?"


"Then how do you know this is not EXACTLY they type of dwelling they are looking for?"

So I hung three rather small ones in the back yard from trees, as well as a large one. The small ones are about one foot in diameter while the big one is more like three feet wide.

I brought one inside for the winter.

Jesus save us!

Jesus is in the same living room taking care of things.

Mary in a den of iniquity

Here's Mary watching over the part of the basement I made into a living room. I'm hanging my art on every available wall so I can show it to potential buyers.

Wearing Safety Glasses

I found these awesome safety glasses in my basement and have been wearing them around town. I actually had them on in the recording studio and Andrei, my photographer has me recording in them.

No one seems to know they are safety glasses. The people at the gallery know and ask me why I wear them.

My answer: "You never know when something is going to fall from the sky, like a plane that blew up, and a piece of it could get into your eye."

Safety first!

People need to be cautious.

Safety Glasses

Here is a video of my safety glasses.

Time to take the horse in

I'm thinking that my horse needs to come in, even though I'm crawling around, over, under all kinds of things in that cursed full basement. I don't want him getting more weathered this winter.

In Santiago he was always on the balcony and got a bit wet, which I didn't mind but there is a limit!


I've figured out how to make these horns light enough plus I'm going to pad the part that squeezes my temples so I won't be in pain.

These are for the tormented bull/man that is obsessed with a love that he can not have.



The collar was fun to make. Had to do a bit of thinking first though. I used high grade fishing line inside it to stiffen it up so it wouldn't flop around.

Having a blast with this stuff.

Pieces of Costumes

Here's a detail of the collar I'm making for one of the acts.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Almost finished with the gargoyle costume, the body section anyway.
Actually, the hands and feet will probably be a lot of work and I still need to cover the back of my head.

Thrilled about this.

Next, I need to finish the bulls horns with some kind of padding so they don't squeeze my temples.

I have an other idea for a costume as well.


Does anyone know if it's worth my while to try to get hired at the Renissaunce Festival? The won't take applicants serious unless you say what price you want to receive. They have stage performances for 30 or 40 minutes each, four times per day.

Any thoughts?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Morning in Paris"

Here's one of my works from last year. Geez, has it been that long? I had better get painting.

My friend has sort of stolen it to hang in her house.

It is a dilemma. One needs to decide to keep all the paintings stacked up in the basement or hand them out to people who ask for them. I guess the idea is at least on someone's wall they get more exposure than they do with my dogs.

Atlantic crossing

So I received another call from Captain Keith with talks about my being the first mate on his 46 footer. He wants to cross the Atlantic, be in the Med for a while, then off to the Black Sea.

Certainly I'm interested.

First he wants me to go to Haiti with him for two weeks or take the ship up the coast from Fort Pierce in the spring.

New York Times Journalist

An author who also wrote for the NY Times came to my place to view my art over the weekend. He loved the stuff and wants a piece.

My conflict is I have been preparing for a show that I would like to bring to Europe. "Americans in Paris" I called it and it depicts deviant behavior that people might engage in while on holiday away from their normal circles. If you scroll down you'll see some of these images.

They all take place inside old Parisian apartments with wood floors, French windows and doors and ornate furniture.

The problem is I don't want to sell anything before it goes on tour, even though this tour is theoretical.

Can anyone see the answer to my problem?

Offened or glad?

I sent a spy to a local art dealer's shop because I heard that a painting the owner had bought from me a few years ago was on display. I needed to know if he brought it to work with him to view it eight hours a day, or if it was for sale.

As it turns out, he is asking $2000.00 for the cover piece of my first solo show which I sold to him for $850.00. I was hurt. I wanted him to love it and keep it.

Then I decided to buy it back. My friends told me it was good for me that this was happening. More exposure, plus, as an art dealer this man saw in my work something he believed could make him money as well.

He told my spy that two people already showed interest in it.

I loved that piece. So did the editors of the Baltimore Sun. They put a color image of it in the "Best Bets" section of their paper.

"Side Man"

Just got an email from a local director who wants me for the part in a play she's doing. It's about four jazz musicians if I've caught it correctly. I'm thrilled!

I read for a part in "Three Days of Rain" which she directed last season and lost the part on a technicality. She cast a 23 year old for the role which needed to be me older sister. No way I'm passing for 21. I loved that script and enjoyed watching the performance.

Afterwards I was glad I wasn't chosen. The guy who took my place had a huge amount of lines to learn and I just didn't have the time to give to that play.

Training camels

Well looks like I'm on my way to Florida to train a camel. We've been in a series of talks and today I found the ticket in my messages. That should be fun.

Samuel is a four year old who kind of hurt one of his trainers. I'll go down and give it a whirl. According to the caregivers he had an unusual connection with me while I was there last month. This connected with the endless questions I fired at them caused them to think I may be the man.

With camels, bonding is all about trust and working with them on their timetable. Nothing quick, nothing forced. Once they trust you, you can do with them as you want. But, even with this, size along causes some problems, even if they just want to play.

Anyway, I'm thrilled and on my way. Now I just need to get someone to take care of my dogs while I'm gone.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Geez, no comments

I suppose my life has gone the way of all the uninteresting humans. No one comments. Is this what pushes people to do the extreme?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Good news

Water that freezes outside thaws in my living space! That means it is warmer where I live than if I was in the woods. I love it!

I took the dog's bowl in last night because it was frozen solid and this morning in the kitchen there was a mix of water and ice. Good sign.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Met someone

Last night at a gallery event I met a guy who's roommate knows some agents in Vagas. I'll be contacting him to see if the stuff I am creating can get a booking.

Now I'm still making the costumes. Had some good luck at JoAnne's Fabric store. First of all, the place if FULL of women and it's easy to get attention there. So I just asked some shopper about what I was trying to do and come to find out, she has made costumes herself. She walked me through all the steps and even gave me a coupon!

I've got the Moulin Rouge costume almost complete. I make that one out of sheers that I took off the windows and a sheet my dogs had ripped. Oh yea, I also had some squooshy packing stuff, maybe it's called packing foam or something, and that helped. When I'm completely finished I'll upload some pics.

The Beast horns are almost done as well. We'll see if I can figure out how to keep them on my head.

The Gargoyle costume is the most complex so far. All this stuff takes time as does finding songs that make sense for these characters.

The back drop still is not make but I have a place to gesso the canvas (my cellar has no room) so at least that's a step in that direction and I have the design done, I think.

I'm also creating a kind of vaude ville stage setting, or glorified puppet theatre to be the back drop. Found some old material in the attic that will serve as the curtains.

I'm excited about it all.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Had a great opportunity last week. Was asked to perform two numbers at a birthday party. Full costume, different characters. It went well. I enjoyed hearing the comments from the viewers. Still going forward in preparations for the Dec. gig, though I haven't heard anything back from them. Was working on the costumes last night. Very excited.

Talked with my photographer about planning a performance at this really cool theatre in Baltimore. It's at the Engineer's club, which is housed in an old mansion in the center of Mt. Vernon, Balt. Beautiful and baroque, since I've seen it I can't get it out of my head. A small, ornate place to perform my creations. He loved the idea and we will work on making it happen.


Baltimore is not warm now. Still need someone to want 'Sweetie' so I can get my dog count down.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Florida, here I come

On my way to FLA to spend time with my friend and see if there is a potential life for me there. Lord knows it eludes me here!

Dogs have a place to stay, hurrrrrrray!

By the way, is there anyone who can help me by taking a dog or two? I am in desperate need here and am branching out to see if I can find them homes. I think I need to move on (????????). At least I am willing to let Sweetie go, the latest to the pack, even though she is the most dear and cuddly of all of them.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Johns Hopkins Christmas party

Just got off the phone with a woman who is organizing a Christmas party for some of the nurses at JH.

She is excited about me performing three songs in different costumes for the party. She will pitch it to the others who will make the decision, but it seems as if it is a go, and, I'm getting paid!

The clown I used at the gallery opening is already in place, so that will be one. I am developing a tormented, obsessed bull/man in a tux for the second act and I have the song and the moves already in place. Now I will either create a canvas backdrop to hang behind my performance, or some three dimensional props if it seems better to perform this act in the center of the dance floor.

It seems there will be a spot light which should help, but I'm wondering if it will end up being to hot for my video.

The third character I have not yet come up with, nor the song.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Yesterday I met with a make up artist and we engaged in a very high energy meeting about the new character I am developing for part of my performance portfolio. He took his phone, once he finally calmed down a bit because he was thrilled about my ideas, and called a man who is producing a film and told him he thought my character would be perfect for this movie. I was handed the phone and explained to the guy my idea. In the end I had his cell phone number as well as email address and next week we will talk.

While attending the Silo Point apartment launch in the old building that over looks the harbor, I started up a conversation with a women who happens to have just created a documentary here in Balt and I ended up with her number as well.

At last nights art opening I was directed to a woman who works for a private production company and we chatted. I explained to her how each day countless ideas fly though my head and get lost in no where land because there is no one to carry them through to completion. She said their problem at the company is a lack of creative thought. I walked away with her email address and told her if she wanted to harness some of my ideas and make them work, I was willing to share them with her for a price but was not interested in making them rich or famous without me. She completely understood.

I gave her the example of my friend Javier who was courted by Pepsi for two weeks, constantly calling him and inviting him to the corporate offices to talk about an idea he had. Then suddenly the calls stopped. Then soon after he saw on television bears make of snow skiing and snow boarding down the slopes. This was his idea. Pepsi extracted all the images he had created and the ideas and ran with them to create a hefty profit for themselves. They had handed the idea off to their own in house artists.

From this I learned that the ultimate commodity is creativity. If I can harness this within myself and turn it into cash flow, I will be able to pay the bills of all my family members, and leave each of my dogs with $12,000, 000 just as Lorna Helmsley did. God help me to find out how to do this.

Monday, October 20, 2008

December Gig

A woman saw my Moulin Rouge performance and has asked me to do some numbers at the Johns Hopkins Christmas party in December. I'm thrilled. Loretta told me what to charge and I'm hoping to make all things final this week.

My videographer will be there as well as my photographer for stills, so I can archive it and up load it here for all to see. All of this is part of gathering up evidence that I can entertain so I can launch a career doing something I like.

By the way, a friend of mine told me I have typos here. Sorry. When writing emails the systems lets me know when I have spelled something wrong. Here there is no such help. My brother Peter, who spells everything correctly is to far to ask every time I post so, all you visitors will have to understand that I am not sophisticated (sp?). Sorry.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I had a job lined up, a live in situation, but they were allowing me to only have one dog. So I decided to take it, when home and looked into the eyes of each dog and tried to decide which ones to say good by to.

I took two weeks to try to solve this and all I did was cry. How can anyone determine this kind of thing? I tried to review the times each of them had made me mad... but it was forgiven. I tried to divide up the personality traits of each of them and try to make two of them out to be less valuable than the other... it doesn't work.

I sort of decided it was better to be in poverty and with the dogs then have a job and live without them. It's not an easy problem to solve.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One step back... any forward?

I finally integrated the new dog in with the others. No one has stepped up to take her. I was afraid there might be some confusion, but they seem to like playing together.

Also, I have kind of fallen in love with her. Now I have created an even more weird setting that will be hard to undo.

Since I am living away from them, I need to drive each morning and evening, sometimes twice in the evening to let them out. Of course, now there are four, instead of the already to many three.

Everyone who does not have a dog says, "Get rid of the dogs and take your life forward." This is not so easily done. One becomes attached.

Any thoughts?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Out of the studio.

Recording in the studio was awesome. Sounds good! Yet, I'm thinking maybe a more bizarre type of music would suit me better. I did "Lost" by Michael Buble' and "That's all", Natt King Cole, I believe.

I watched some footage of the concert I put on and found that in between performances I was so psycho, fast and weird, that there was a disconnect between the slow, thoughtful music I was singing, and me!

This leads me to think I might need to explore into another area, or, don't talk in between numbers. My coach is telling me that probably I need to develop a different kind of music that I don't presently hear. I've been working on it. Could be a good idea to have a music that fits the person???

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well I wasn't offered a job but I was told to get my butt in gear, go forward, get out of the lame town of B-more, move to the city, pursue some dream, any dream and even as I was getting the council my friend started asking those around us whom we did not know, which schools were the best in town.

I met a successful movie producer and basically was thrilled about being there and imagined myself doing something big.

More steps to come.

I got up this morning and dismantled the tent. This is a sign of going forward.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Reservatioins in the Recording Studio

This Friday I go to to record Buble's "Lost" and "That's all" in the studio. We're making a demo dvd. Once it's done I will put it here so you can see it.

Yay, someone follows my blog!

Getting ready for my Monday trip to NYC for financial counceling. Hoping my friend will straighten out my life and in the process offer me a job.

Still need a home for Sweetie. Either that, or I need to get a property with enough space for all the dogs.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Today's news

Well last night was the first night out of the tent. I did not sleep well. I had the French doors open so I did hear the crickets, but the mattress and bed I did not get along with. I almost moved it outside but held myself back.

Speaking of back, my back hurts today. But, the shower last night was awesome. I'd forgotten how good that water feels running down my body.

Now I'm rushing to the city each day and night to let the dogs out and feed them. Something else has to change.

On Monday I'm going to NYC to get some financial advice. I need to make a major change, this bedroom living is one of the steps. We'll see what the next one is.

In the mean time, I am recording a song or two at a local studio, eating and enjoying the 'being clean' thing. Brought the pit bull to the gallery today to see if I can get her a home. Soooooo sweet she is. Anyone want her?

I'm thinking of walking around White Marsh and knocking on doors to see if anyone with a sizable lawn will let me build an insulated dog house and put up a fence for them. Then I can walk over and deal with them each day. Anyone think this will work?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Looking for someone with a farm

If I could land someone who had lots of land, maybe a farm, Vito, Bob and Mike could just live there for a while. I asked my friend in Oklahoma, come to find out her own dogs got bitten by snakes! Not good.

They are like my family so I can't just get rid of them. I don't even know how well I will do without them if I find them a temp. home, but I feel I have to take some dramatic measures to get a life.

Any ideas?

Who can help with my dogs?

Ok, I'm taking the advice you guys have given and moving out of the basement and into a room in my friend's house. In order to do that I need to find a home for my dogs, even if temporary. Can anyone help? I do not want to give them up completely and will not send them to the shelter.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

To kill or not to kill

One of my tenants wants the mice out of her food. I kind of understand that, but can't bring myself to just kill them. Why should they be killed? I think I've become a bit American Indian or Zen or something, but I just can't see any reason to kill the things.

I've got 'catch 'em alive' traps set up but they don't seem to be working. She's giving me one week to save them, then in come the death traps. I don't know what to do. Don't know how to warn them.

Robert Kyosaki

I'm on the rampage again reading Kyosaki and trying to come up with a plan to feed myself. My friend thinks I should go to NYC and launch an art/performance career. Better than being shut up in a basement. I'll need to move out of the tent soon because the cold weather is coming. I don't really want to go back to the dungeon again.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Slate tiles

Anybody know who to get individual slate tiles to stay up on the roof? The part I need to nail is not exposed because I tuck it up under the tile that is above it.

Two days of rain

Awesome rain last few days. I've been in the tent. What a great way to sleep, listening to the falling rain.

I need to go to sea. I want to feel the spray on my face, taste the salt, feel the swells under me and be rocked to sleep each night.

I want to wake up at the crack of dawn and dive overboard and swim for an hour before anyone else is up.

Gave my housecoat and sweatshirt to that little dog so she can curl up and wait out the weather. She is so cute, just sleeping it off.

I came out in another publication

Guys, if you can get a hold of Direct Art Magazine Vol. 15 fall/winter 2008 through you can see a couple of my paintings. Mostly they are distributed in LA and NYC but I found some copies at Barnes and Noble here in Baltimore and Angela found some in upstate NY. Good luck.

Home for a dog

I've got to find a home for this female pit bull I've found. She was running around a few weeks ago and cornered herself on my neighbor's property. I created a covering for her for the night and fed her, deciding that if she was still there in the morning I would crate her and care for her until I found her a home. Next day, there she was.

I can not have four dogs this winter in my house. Three is to much. Who wants her? She is adorable, loving and very funny. I've had her dewormed. Let me know.


Did anybody view the video?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A touching freak show

For any of you artsy types, if you click the link just below the black and white pic of me sitting in the chair to the right, on "my4cheese", you can view a 4 minute video performance from our gallery opening where I sing and dance. If you hated Moulin Rouge, don't go there.

The gallery director picked out the costume, all I had to do was get in it, develop the moves, memorize the words and hit the notes.

My brother Sherm gets me this jack hammer so I can begin the process of creating a drain for the water to travel through, one of the steps in getting running water in the basement. All of this is so I don't need to run outside every time I want some.

The thing was huge, but unfortunately did not work. So, I took the sharp piece and used it without that electrical part. Electricity is over rated. Neanderthal Man Returns!
I have yet to make a necklace out of the claws of a dog I loved who passed away while I was in South America. I clipped them before I buried her. I want them secured in silver I think, and attached to a chain.

Presently I have a road kill grave yard in my back yard. I scoop up what I find and bury it, seems more human than just driving over them. Plus it is in keeping with my ideas about the earth. We should feed the earth.
Do you guys know you can use hydrogen peroxide as mouth wash. It's cool to have it fiz up on your tongue, once you get used to the over all weirdness of it.
Actually Jack, there is some thinking behind the flower box. I need to rent out one more apartment and the box attracts the females. They want a quaint place to live.
Can't believe Jack didn't like the flower box! Geez, I was so proud of that.
Am considering building a hay bail house/room to live in for the winter. Almost did it last year but decided to live in the basement. Now, I'm a bit creeped out about living down there, plus I think it makes my nasal passage irritated.

Another consideration is to build a sun room off of one of the apartments that faces the lake and have my own entrance to it. That way, when I got around to it in the future I could open up the wall and connect it to that apartment, but for the winter I could at least sleep/work there. I really do not want to go back into that basement, though I am willing to for showers and clothes.

Yes, I am in the process of putting in a makeshift shower. Since this basement episode I've been sponge bathing myself outside by setting up a water bucket on the stone wall. Now that ladies are renting some of my spaces I'm not sure I should continue to do so.
Also, the contest helps to understand this video performance. Joy Goldkind is the artist being represented at the gallery now and she photographs people in theatrical costumes and processes them in the Bromoil method that was popular in the early 19th century. There is a Moulin Rouge-esque feel to them. You can visit the site at

Anyway, the idea is that one of her images comes to life and performs, that was me. I had a ball doing it, once I got over the fear of appearing on stage in a tutu. Very liberating. After that everything is down hill guys.
Ok, dudes, I'm taking your advice. Thanks. I will write whether I have a pic or not.

So, yes, I am eating. My Chinese neighbor as well as my brother Andy and Jack in FLA were to concerned and convinced me. So, though my goal is to get out of credit debt as a result of reading Kyosaki's books, I am no longer doing it at the expense of eating.

Interesting note: In his books he does not mention that you should continue to eat while taking steps to reach the financial independence goals! Who edits his stuff anyway? That should have been caught!!!!!

Much lest confusion within me and an huge increase in the ability to make decisions since I'm feeding myself. Makes me think part of the reason there were less organized attempts at escapes from concentration camps was because you get confused if you're not fed. To my knowledge only Sababor had an effective organized escape. I may have spelled that incorrectly.

If you guys want to see my latest artistic performance go to

Monday, September 22, 2008

Can't figure out how to know if anyone actually visits my blog or not.  Is there a way to tell?
I'm hoping more people view it than comment or I may be doing this in vain.

Maybe I should give a prize.

I could save the clippings from the claws of Vito, Bob and Mike and send them to whoever views the site the most.  I'm sure that would attract people.
Here's another view of the living room.

Gee, when you post this stuff, you kind of have to think backwards.  Four postings down, I explained that I haven't been here for a while and am finishing with this.

This guy was running backwards around the track a few days ago.  I called out to him and asked him why.  He said he was a soccer player and it was part of his practice.
If soccer players can do it, I guess I can too.

Don't remember if I showed you how I decorated one of the apartments.

Decided this babe needed to be viewed again.  Actually, I think she needs to go on display somewhere.

I have a friend who wants to buy it but thinks that people will believe it is her!
Ok, haven't been here in a while.  Been fixing the roof before the rainy season comes.

Here is my window box.  The shutters are on the way.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I had this show hung because the owner of the condominiums agreed to let me. Long and Foster, the real estate company that was hosting the event said if the show doesn't come down they were walking.

The owner called me appologizing and cutting down the wires that held the nine pieces show up.

I don't know what the big deal is. North Americans offended by flesh I guess. Meanwhile Michaelangelo has very erotic figures plastered all over an Italian cathedral.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Tied Up", a psychological picture of people... maybe me.  Pastels all around, nice setting, comfortable chair, all should be good, yet, alas the faceless man feels restrained.

Everything pleasant except the true condition of the man.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Here are the boys, Vito, Bob and Mike.  They came to my concert and I advertised them as The Three Tenors. The reason I did that is because each time they hear a siren they start to howl.  Mike leads the thing, Bob chimes in and sometimes, depending on his mood, Vito will pipe up as well.  

The funniest thing is they sing in pitch.  They are always hitting the same note the ambulance plays.  It's hysterical.  Next concert I hope to have a recording of a siren so they can perform.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Writing a book

I got some of the chapters to a book I've been writing into the hands of my friend Dudley who is an author and journalist for the New York Times.  He said he would read it and let me know his thoughts.  I said, "Only if you tell me the truth".  He said, "It is not worth it if I don't."  I like that.

To all

Well, I've been eating because of every one's advice. It's kind of odd, I think I feel less... euphoric, and more weighted down, but I think more clearly and seem to be able to make decisions better.  my neighbor John has thrown a religious twist into the equation and tells me that I am supposed to look at feeding myself as taking care of the temple of God.  I kind of like that sort of thinking.  Certainly I would be put off if I walked into the Sistine Chapel and there was clutter, dirty dishes with molding spaghetti sauce stuck to some plates and unfilled papers in stacks everywhere I looked.  Temples are supposed to be orderly.  But I am trying to deal with this feeling of fullness, which honestly, I do not like.

John also said that the time and energy put into preparing the meal is by design part of the larger picture and one needs to learn to enjoy it.  Interesting thoughts, almost a kind of zen thing.

Friday, July 18, 2008

"Three Men", 8.5 " by 11", acrylic on paper, 2004 Part of a series of blue guys.

"Man with Cats"

16" by 12", acrylic on paper, 2004


"Chamber Music"

The cover piece to my first solo show. This sold the opening night to an art dealer.

Started eating

Thanks for all the help, Jack, Pete, Drew, etc. My neighbor John has decided to invite me to eat breakfast at his place each day. I think a combination of the food, the schedule and maybe unseen other things are helping me FEEL better.

I went grocery shopping and bought all canned stuff because I don't have a frig, but at least it is better than not eating. I look at it as a step in the right direction.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"God creating man", photograph, 2007

Carl and road kill.

Ceiling of the Sistine Highway 95, Balt, MD


I left you some comments below. Wherever you made one I left a message.


Thanks for the comment. I am trying to eat right. My neighbor now has taken it upon himself to feed me a decent breakfast and I have decided to try the three meals per day thing.

Another friend fed me steaks and boy did I pay for that. Two days of the runs, but first it was like someone had poured cement into my intestinal track.

I am trying.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

This is Michael. I lost two from this litter to parvo and managed to keep Lillie, Lucy and Mike alive by hourly feedings of mushy dog food that I managed to get into an eye dropper. This was a grueling experience that lasted a few weeks till I was exhausted.

Lillie and Lucy still live in Santiago and Michael came back to the States with me.

"Mike" is 24" by 20", acrylic on canvas and I think I painted him in 2006.

"Solo" was the first of the blue musicians series. I created these in Irene Hubert's basement when I was living with her in Mt. Airy. Salley Ann Jennings has one from this series in her house in Fed Hill, Balt, and Jimmy Judd bought the cover piece for that show.

"Solo", acrylic on canvas, 40" by 40", probably the year 2000 or 2001.

I created these guys in South America. It was the last of a series of blue musicians I did. Actually, this is the first painting I believe that I incorporated shadows, which certainly were a part of my life at that point. I tried to show that the shadows seemed bigger and were lasting longer than the music that existed for me.

"The Three Trumpeter" is about 3" by 2", acrylic on canvas, maybe created in 2003 or 2004.
Psycho series came from the feelings I experienced when my romantic relationship went awry. Closed in, trapped, monochromatic, trapped. I remember this clear disconnect between my emotions and my cerebral, analytical perceptions. My mind tried to tell me one type of message, such as, "This is work out. This too shall pass", etc., while my emotions were just going berserk.

Fascinating how friends will tell you, "Everyone goes through that." but it doesn't seem to help.

There are just a few left from this series, which was painted probably in 2000, acrylic on canvas, about 4" by 3".

Whoever wants to market me

If anyone thinks this stuff could actually sell, I am kind of famous at not really marketing myself. That is why I am launching this blog to try to get exposure.

I would love to get gallery representation. If anyone hooks me up I'll give a percent of any sales made. Why can't we all win at this?

To Matt

Thanks dude for commenting.

About the eating thing, I know I need to change. After eating a REAL breakfast this morning that my neighbor prepared, I felt so ... different. I felt very good. I began to think my behavior was like those who are exposed to lead paint, but I don't qualify.

Now I think if you don't eat for a long time your perceptions change and clarity eludes you. I have been running with my precious dollars to the creditors and not calculating enough for my eating. I need to change that. I really need to change that.

Found some food, in the parking lot.

I was taking the trash out of the gallery to the dumpster and a food truck was delivering fresh product to the Wine Market.  The guy spilled a bunch of mushrooms out onto the parking lot.

When he left, I picked them up.  I called my neighbor and he said, "When I first met you, you were energetic, organized and aggressively reaching your goals. Now you aren't.  Maybe you are malnourished." So he invited me up for breakfast and convinced me that I need to eat more often. I brought the mushroom I had found and he made omelets for both of us.  That was cool.  

To tell you the truth, I do feel better having had breakfast.  No we might work out a deal where I help him with doing yard work and stuff at this place as a trade off and he feeds me.  Sounds good to me.

Update, July... something, maybe 13th. It's Sunday

I got the idea to was my hair Friday, something I hadn't done in a month or so, I can't really remember.  When I went to get the water that I had collected from the roof it smelled weird.  So I splurged and opened up the faucet that sticks out of the side of the house.  It was cool, I mean the sensation of using the shampoo and conditioner and all.  I had kind of forgotten what that was like.  Funny how you forget things.

Anyway, the reason I did it was because of the opening at the gallery and I thought, "What if my hair actually smells weird.  That would not be good."

I liked it.  Water is awesome.  Very refreshing.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Self Portrait" This was done several years ago, probably 2000. This one was a lot of fun creating with dots. Actually, it's about seven different paintings that I kept changing as I tried to come up with something I actually was satisfied with. My sister in law Robin says it looks like someone plucked off my head and put it in a bottle. I guess that means my shoulders are not really like that. Thank God.

This painting is about 30" by 24 (maybe) and was done back in 2000 probably, acrylic on canvas.

"Sailors in Paris" This was one of the "Americans in Paris" series from 2007. I had fun getting the items for this one. Got the shorts from a closeted gay guy who stole them from his roommate in the air force whom he had a crush one. How? I went of Craigs list and started asking people for under ware! Ha. I got some very interesting responses.

The watch is from Poland, the pins on the sailors shirt, which you really can't see here, I got while trading things with Russian tourists years ago when Brezhnev was still alive. The sock if Williams, who owns the gallery where I now work. (Hummm? I immortalized him by putting his clothing in the art and he STILL cut my hours. No respect!) The tee shirt Kyle gave me and I think he took it from his lover. He's gay.

The label on the wine bottle is from wine served at Gallery Imperato, where I work.

"Sailors in Paris" is about 4" high and 3" wide, acrylic on canvas but involves mixed media as well, painted in 2007.

"Finale' with Pipers" I created this one while in South America, probably 2004. A woman in Santiago where I showed this painting told me I was "sexually strange". When I asked my friend why he said, "Well, the woman is alone and naked while all the men have a phallic shape in their mouths."
I said, "Oh". Are wood wind instruments sexual?"

Approx. 3' by 2', acrylic on canvas, 2003 or 2004.

"American Woman" I'll have to check on the year of this one, but it was probably a couple years ago. She's very happy, as you see. Happy to be blond, big and naked. In real life the colors are very different.

This canvas seems to be about 30" by 24", the medium is acrylic. I did this in... ohhhh, say, ... 2006.

"Asleep on a pink wolf" One of the dog series, where I was trying to pose the question, "Who is actually taking care of whom?" while in SA.

I wish the color was more true on this one. Some of my friends in the art world consider it one of my better paintings.

24" by 20", acrylic on canvas, 2006.

"Alone in the bedroom" This is how I felt after a relationship I wanted did not work out.

3' by 4', acrylic on canvas, 2001 or 2002. I know, I'll write 'circa 2001'.

"Cozy Bedroom". These are places I created by thinking of they types of rooms I would like to be in.

12" by 16", acrylic on paper, 2006 while staying in Harford county with my sister.

"Cozy Room" This ended up being the cover for a small book I put together to launch the show. Probably my favorite from that series.

12" by 16", acrylic on paper, 2006.

"Yellow Tulips"

16" by 12", acrylic on paper, 2006.

"Walter's Chair"
12" by 16", acrylic on paper, 2006.

"Overstuffed Chair"
12" by 16", acrylic on paper, 2006.

"Country Kitchen"

12" by 16", acrylic on paper, 2006.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I've got to run to the gallery now.  We've got an opening tonight and I need to get ready.  Talk with you later.
This was how I had the apartment upstairs.  The dogs knocked down this expensive lamp and many of the ceramic pieces were broken.  I hid that part from view.
This is the first piece I ever bought.  It was made in Germany in the 1800's called a "Wedding Shrank".  It has a carved wooden ornate piece that attaches to the top but the ceiling down there is to low so I took it off.  This might be my favorite piece.  
Here's my seamen's desk that I am trying to keep dry.  I love this piece.  The icon is from Georgia.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This is the top of a beautiful Chinese piece I'm trying to keep dry in my basement.
"Naked in Paris". She likes to take off her clothes as often as she can. Her dog thinks she's weird. In her diary she wrote, "I was naked in Paris..."

This painting is about 4 ' high. Ha. Bigger than life! 3' wide, acrylic on canvas, 2007.

My friend John says I might be less of a starving artist if I would stop painting obese naked women. He asked me, "Who actually wants that on their wall." I said, "I do." He came back with, "Fine, then you buy it."

Sunday, July 6, 2008

"Parisian apartment in morning".

34" by 48", acrylic on canvas, 2007.

Here's me washing my clothes in the sink at work.  At the end of the day, these things were still not dry so I needed to decide, either leave the gallery naked or find something to cover myself with at least till I got to the car.  

Wireless, which is the other company that the owner of the gallery has, happened to have some monogramed shirt hanging in the closet with that tails that hang down for tucking in.  So I was able to get from the gallery to the car without anything 'private' really showing.  Ha.  It probably looked interesting to the people eating outside at the Wine Market because I had my backpack, some garbage bags with bottles that I was taking home to recycle, some papers I couldn't fit in the pack, and naked legs hanging down from the bottom of that shirt.  Ha!  Oh yeah, I should say this was a day when the gallery was actually closed so I didn't need to see any people.  Was cool working all day there naked.