Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Looking for someone with a farm

If I could land someone who had lots of land, maybe a farm, Vito, Bob and Mike could just live there for a while. I asked my friend in Oklahoma, come to find out her own dogs got bitten by snakes! Not good.

They are like my family so I can't just get rid of them. I don't even know how well I will do without them if I find them a temp. home, but I feel I have to take some dramatic measures to get a life.

Any ideas?

Who can help with my dogs?

Ok, I'm taking the advice you guys have given and moving out of the basement and into a room in my friend's house. In order to do that I need to find a home for my dogs, even if temporary. Can anyone help? I do not want to give them up completely and will not send them to the shelter.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

To kill or not to kill

One of my tenants wants the mice out of her food. I kind of understand that, but can't bring myself to just kill them. Why should they be killed? I think I've become a bit American Indian or Zen or something, but I just can't see any reason to kill the things.

I've got 'catch 'em alive' traps set up but they don't seem to be working. She's giving me one week to save them, then in come the death traps. I don't know what to do. Don't know how to warn them.

Robert Kyosaki

I'm on the rampage again reading Kyosaki and trying to come up with a plan to feed myself. My friend thinks I should go to NYC and launch an art/performance career. Better than being shut up in a basement. I'll need to move out of the tent soon because the cold weather is coming. I don't really want to go back to the dungeon again.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Slate tiles

Anybody know who to get individual slate tiles to stay up on the roof? The part I need to nail is not exposed because I tuck it up under the tile that is above it.

Two days of rain

Awesome rain last few days. I've been in the tent. What a great way to sleep, listening to the falling rain.

I need to go to sea. I want to feel the spray on my face, taste the salt, feel the swells under me and be rocked to sleep each night.

I want to wake up at the crack of dawn and dive overboard and swim for an hour before anyone else is up.

Gave my housecoat and sweatshirt to that little dog so she can curl up and wait out the weather. She is so cute, just sleeping it off.

I came out in another publication

Guys, if you can get a hold of Direct Art Magazine Vol. 15 fall/winter 2008 through www.directart.org you can see a couple of my paintings. Mostly they are distributed in LA and NYC but I found some copies at Barnes and Noble here in Baltimore and Angela found some in upstate NY. Good luck.

Home for a dog

I've got to find a home for this female pit bull I've found. She was running around a few weeks ago and cornered herself on my neighbor's property. I created a covering for her for the night and fed her, deciding that if she was still there in the morning I would crate her and care for her until I found her a home. Next day, there she was.

I can not have four dogs this winter in my house. Three is to much. Who wants her? She is adorable, loving and very funny. I've had her dewormed. Let me know.


Did anybody view the video?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A touching freak show

For any of you artsy types, if you click the link just below the black and white pic of me sitting in the chair to the right, on "my4cheese", you can view a 4 minute video performance from our gallery opening where I sing and dance. If you hated Moulin Rouge, don't go there.

The gallery director picked out the costume, all I had to do was get in it, develop the moves, memorize the words and hit the notes.

My brother Sherm gets me this jack hammer so I can begin the process of creating a drain for the water to travel through, one of the steps in getting running water in the basement. All of this is so I don't need to run outside every time I want some.

The thing was huge, but unfortunately did not work. So, I took the sharp piece and used it without that electrical part. Electricity is over rated. Neanderthal Man Returns!
I have yet to make a necklace out of the claws of a dog I loved who passed away while I was in South America. I clipped them before I buried her. I want them secured in silver I think, and attached to a chain.

Presently I have a road kill grave yard in my back yard. I scoop up what I find and bury it, seems more human than just driving over them. Plus it is in keeping with my ideas about the earth. We should feed the earth.
Do you guys know you can use hydrogen peroxide as mouth wash. It's cool to have it fiz up on your tongue, once you get used to the over all weirdness of it.
Actually Jack, there is some thinking behind the flower box. I need to rent out one more apartment and the box attracts the females. They want a quaint place to live.
Can't believe Jack didn't like the flower box! Geez, I was so proud of that.
Am considering building a hay bail house/room to live in for the winter. Almost did it last year but decided to live in the basement. Now, I'm a bit creeped out about living down there, plus I think it makes my nasal passage irritated.

Another consideration is to build a sun room off of one of the apartments that faces the lake and have my own entrance to it. That way, when I got around to it in the future I could open up the wall and connect it to that apartment, but for the winter I could at least sleep/work there. I really do not want to go back into that basement, though I am willing to for showers and clothes.

Yes, I am in the process of putting in a makeshift shower. Since this basement episode I've been sponge bathing myself outside by setting up a water bucket on the stone wall. Now that ladies are renting some of my spaces I'm not sure I should continue to do so.
Also, the contest helps to understand this video performance. Joy Goldkind is the artist being represented at the gallery now and she photographs people in theatrical costumes and processes them in the Bromoil method that was popular in the early 19th century. There is a Moulin Rouge-esque feel to them. You can visit the site at www.galleryimperato.com

Anyway, the idea is that one of her images comes to life and performs, that was me. I had a ball doing it, once I got over the fear of appearing on stage in a tutu. Very liberating. After that everything is down hill guys.
Ok, dudes, I'm taking your advice. Thanks. I will write whether I have a pic or not.

So, yes, I am eating. My Chinese neighbor as well as my brother Andy and Jack in FLA were to concerned and convinced me. So, though my goal is to get out of credit debt as a result of reading Kyosaki's books, I am no longer doing it at the expense of eating.

Interesting note: In his books he does not mention that you should continue to eat while taking steps to reach the financial independence goals! Who edits his stuff anyway? That should have been caught!!!!!

Much lest confusion within me and an huge increase in the ability to make decisions since I'm feeding myself. Makes me think part of the reason there were less organized attempts at escapes from concentration camps was because you get confused if you're not fed. To my knowledge only Sababor had an effective organized escape. I may have spelled that incorrectly.

If you guys want to see my latest artistic performance go to http://vimeo.com/1770556

Monday, September 22, 2008

Can't figure out how to know if anyone actually visits my blog or not.  Is there a way to tell?
I'm hoping more people view it than comment or I may be doing this in vain.

Maybe I should give a prize.

I could save the clippings from the claws of Vito, Bob and Mike and send them to whoever views the site the most.  I'm sure that would attract people.
Here's another view of the living room.

Gee, when you post this stuff, you kind of have to think backwards.  Four postings down, I explained that I haven't been here for a while and am finishing with this.

This guy was running backwards around the track a few days ago.  I called out to him and asked him why.  He said he was a soccer player and it was part of his practice.
If soccer players can do it, I guess I can too.

Don't remember if I showed you how I decorated one of the apartments.

Decided this babe needed to be viewed again.  Actually, I think she needs to go on display somewhere.

I have a friend who wants to buy it but thinks that people will believe it is her!
Ok, haven't been here in a while.  Been fixing the roof before the rainy season comes.

Here is my window box.  The shutters are on the way.