Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ok, dudes, I'm taking your advice. Thanks. I will write whether I have a pic or not.

So, yes, I am eating. My Chinese neighbor as well as my brother Andy and Jack in FLA were to concerned and convinced me. So, though my goal is to get out of credit debt as a result of reading Kyosaki's books, I am no longer doing it at the expense of eating.

Interesting note: In his books he does not mention that you should continue to eat while taking steps to reach the financial independence goals! Who edits his stuff anyway? That should have been caught!!!!!

Much lest confusion within me and an huge increase in the ability to make decisions since I'm feeding myself. Makes me think part of the reason there were less organized attempts at escapes from concentration camps was because you get confused if you're not fed. To my knowledge only Sababor had an effective organized escape. I may have spelled that incorrectly.

If you guys want to see my latest artistic performance go to http://vimeo.com/1770556

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