Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How to upload videos?

I've been trying to upload my new videos but can't seem to do it on these comps that are not Macs.

Anyone have any advice/instructions?
Geez, I hope I didn't offend Alan.

I get so few comments, and finally I get one and my video has been short of interesting for him.

Maybe I am to sensitive for this type of existance.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Nice view

One of my better sides.

Self Portrait

This feels better.

With some chics

Eating with imported gals in Baltimore.

In Baltimore

Picnicking inside.

Important place

Caught Kissing

Couldn't resist keeping my lips off of this one.

The way of all trash

Dessert waiting to happen

Walking around

Here's me walking around the gallery.

Animal Police

That poor horse has had broken legs for several years now. When I took him out of the baggage claim in Washington when I got back from Russia his ears were gone and two legs snapped. I've been bandaging them for years. He spent his whole stint in South America lame and now he's standing out in the cold.

I'm getting convinced. Plus, since his ears have gone the way of all flesh, he can't even hear when danger is around to activate his "fight or flight" thing.

Hope the animal police from the TV show in Chicago don't hear about this.

Scroll down to see him. Anatomically correct, thanks to the handy work of Cergey, but this pic might not show that.

Italian sausage

Does anyone know if this kind of sausage can stay good without a fridge?

I bought it not from a refrigerated part of the store, so I assumed it could stay unrefrigerated. When I cut into it last night to eat it it smelled really weird. Pork and all kinds of thing in there. I don't think I'm going to eat it.

Pepperoni, on the other hand, seems happy to hang around for as long as it takes for me to get at it.

I bought a cooked chicken a couple of weeks ago and kept it in the car so it wouldn't go bad. There is heat coming from some of the pipes that are up near my head in the basement, and I need to keep that kind of thing up high so the dogs don't get it. Car seemed better, and colder.

Thawed out Pipes

The pipes thawed out so I was able to get some water. This is what I use to drink from. I fill it up outside when the water is not frozen and bring it in.

I learned in Poland that when you have drinks around that don't have a cover or lid you cover them with a napkin to keep the dust off. Finally found a good use for this yellow napkin I found in the house.

Alien Nests

I put some of these nests together to attract aliens.

One of my friends asked me, "Why do you think aliens would be interested in nesting there?"

I said, "Have you ever seen an alien?'

"No" he replied.

"Have you ever seen how they live?"


"Then how do you know this is not EXACTLY they type of dwelling they are looking for?"

So I hung three rather small ones in the back yard from trees, as well as a large one. The small ones are about one foot in diameter while the big one is more like three feet wide.

I brought one inside for the winter.

Jesus save us!

Jesus is in the same living room taking care of things.

Mary in a den of iniquity

Here's Mary watching over the part of the basement I made into a living room. I'm hanging my art on every available wall so I can show it to potential buyers.

Wearing Safety Glasses

I found these awesome safety glasses in my basement and have been wearing them around town. I actually had them on in the recording studio and Andrei, my photographer has me recording in them.

No one seems to know they are safety glasses. The people at the gallery know and ask me why I wear them.

My answer: "You never know when something is going to fall from the sky, like a plane that blew up, and a piece of it could get into your eye."

Safety first!

People need to be cautious.

Safety Glasses

Here is a video of my safety glasses.

Time to take the horse in

I'm thinking that my horse needs to come in, even though I'm crawling around, over, under all kinds of things in that cursed full basement. I don't want him getting more weathered this winter.

In Santiago he was always on the balcony and got a bit wet, which I didn't mind but there is a limit!


I've figured out how to make these horns light enough plus I'm going to pad the part that squeezes my temples so I won't be in pain.

These are for the tormented bull/man that is obsessed with a love that he can not have.



The collar was fun to make. Had to do a bit of thinking first though. I used high grade fishing line inside it to stiffen it up so it wouldn't flop around.

Having a blast with this stuff.

Pieces of Costumes

Here's a detail of the collar I'm making for one of the acts.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Almost finished with the gargoyle costume, the body section anyway.
Actually, the hands and feet will probably be a lot of work and I still need to cover the back of my head.

Thrilled about this.

Next, I need to finish the bulls horns with some kind of padding so they don't squeeze my temples.

I have an other idea for a costume as well.


Does anyone know if it's worth my while to try to get hired at the Renissaunce Festival? The won't take applicants serious unless you say what price you want to receive. They have stage performances for 30 or 40 minutes each, four times per day.

Any thoughts?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Morning in Paris"

Here's one of my works from last year. Geez, has it been that long? I had better get painting.

My friend has sort of stolen it to hang in her house.

It is a dilemma. One needs to decide to keep all the paintings stacked up in the basement or hand them out to people who ask for them. I guess the idea is at least on someone's wall they get more exposure than they do with my dogs.

Atlantic crossing

So I received another call from Captain Keith with talks about my being the first mate on his 46 footer. He wants to cross the Atlantic, be in the Med for a while, then off to the Black Sea.

Certainly I'm interested.

First he wants me to go to Haiti with him for two weeks or take the ship up the coast from Fort Pierce in the spring.

New York Times Journalist

An author who also wrote for the NY Times came to my place to view my art over the weekend. He loved the stuff and wants a piece.

My conflict is I have been preparing for a show that I would like to bring to Europe. "Americans in Paris" I called it and it depicts deviant behavior that people might engage in while on holiday away from their normal circles. If you scroll down you'll see some of these images.

They all take place inside old Parisian apartments with wood floors, French windows and doors and ornate furniture.

The problem is I don't want to sell anything before it goes on tour, even though this tour is theoretical.

Can anyone see the answer to my problem?

Offened or glad?

I sent a spy to a local art dealer's shop because I heard that a painting the owner had bought from me a few years ago was on display. I needed to know if he brought it to work with him to view it eight hours a day, or if it was for sale.

As it turns out, he is asking $2000.00 for the cover piece of my first solo show which I sold to him for $850.00. I was hurt. I wanted him to love it and keep it.

Then I decided to buy it back. My friends told me it was good for me that this was happening. More exposure, plus, as an art dealer this man saw in my work something he believed could make him money as well.

He told my spy that two people already showed interest in it.

I loved that piece. So did the editors of the Baltimore Sun. They put a color image of it in the "Best Bets" section of their paper.

"Side Man"

Just got an email from a local director who wants me for the part in a play she's doing. It's about four jazz musicians if I've caught it correctly. I'm thrilled!

I read for a part in "Three Days of Rain" which she directed last season and lost the part on a technicality. She cast a 23 year old for the role which needed to be me older sister. No way I'm passing for 21. I loved that script and enjoyed watching the performance.

Afterwards I was glad I wasn't chosen. The guy who took my place had a huge amount of lines to learn and I just didn't have the time to give to that play.

Training camels

Well looks like I'm on my way to Florida to train a camel. We've been in a series of talks and today I found the ticket in my messages. That should be fun.

Samuel is a four year old who kind of hurt one of his trainers. I'll go down and give it a whirl. According to the caregivers he had an unusual connection with me while I was there last month. This connected with the endless questions I fired at them caused them to think I may be the man.

With camels, bonding is all about trust and working with them on their timetable. Nothing quick, nothing forced. Once they trust you, you can do with them as you want. But, even with this, size along causes some problems, even if they just want to play.

Anyway, I'm thrilled and on my way. Now I just need to get someone to take care of my dogs while I'm gone.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Geez, no comments

I suppose my life has gone the way of all the uninteresting humans. No one comments. Is this what pushes people to do the extreme?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Good news

Water that freezes outside thaws in my living space! That means it is warmer where I live than if I was in the woods. I love it!

I took the dog's bowl in last night because it was frozen solid and this morning in the kitchen there was a mix of water and ice. Good sign.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Met someone

Last night at a gallery event I met a guy who's roommate knows some agents in Vagas. I'll be contacting him to see if the stuff I am creating can get a booking.

Now I'm still making the costumes. Had some good luck at JoAnne's Fabric store. First of all, the place if FULL of women and it's easy to get attention there. So I just asked some shopper about what I was trying to do and come to find out, she has made costumes herself. She walked me through all the steps and even gave me a coupon!

I've got the Moulin Rouge costume almost complete. I make that one out of sheers that I took off the windows and a sheet my dogs had ripped. Oh yea, I also had some squooshy packing stuff, maybe it's called packing foam or something, and that helped. When I'm completely finished I'll upload some pics.

The Beast horns are almost done as well. We'll see if I can figure out how to keep them on my head.

The Gargoyle costume is the most complex so far. All this stuff takes time as does finding songs that make sense for these characters.

The back drop still is not make but I have a place to gesso the canvas (my cellar has no room) so at least that's a step in that direction and I have the design done, I think.

I'm also creating a kind of vaude ville stage setting, or glorified puppet theatre to be the back drop. Found some old material in the attic that will serve as the curtains.

I'm excited about it all.