Saturday, April 16, 2011


Lots of rain, nice, wet rain, the kind I like. Went early to Home Depot and found few people shopping. Two of the several humans I did see I happened to know and were from New England. I told the clerk that 'weather or not, I was working in my garden today because I am from New England. No waiting around for conditions to get things done."

Here's a (probably sideways) video of my garden in progress. Elsbeth believes I am spending money in the wrong places, ie, the garden. "We have no lease agreement, I can throw you out in the street tomorrow and you would have no recourse. I don't think you should spend money on this house."

Regardless, if I am here only a few more months, I am making the kitchen a 'real' kitchen and I am being greeted each morning by flowers, bright, colorful flowers.

Well, instead, since I did something wrong, I'll give this pic of a bear.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm on my way down town to meet with friends. We'll discuss venues in town for public performances. Want Heather to be involved either dancing or acting in the show. Spoke with Ruut who says I should find a regular place to perfom in here in town a few days a week. Starting the process. Funny, she reminded me that when she was young and I was living in the house with Kaija and Tuomos I told her she had to put on tights because it was cold outside. ? The things kids remember. Now I'm asking her advice about entertainment managment and marketing.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Climbing the Wall

Luke and I went climbing and got some shots. Good time.

Working on set

Today we filmed in DC. It will be shown on Investigation Discovery channel, the program is called "Nightmare Next Door" episode #12. I guess it comes out in the summer or fall. I play a romantic interest of this woman who gets killed by her ex. It's a re-enactment of a true crime, happened in 2002 I guess. Was a good shoot, had a lot of fun, good people.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Plants, plants and more plants.

Got lots of flowers today to go into the garden. Feels very good to dig in the earth again, one of my favorite things to do! Always feel good even when it hurts my back.

My mates!

Theresa Keil of "What Weekly", Artist and dude Brian Baker, Performing artist and painter Heather Joi Baker, Artist Jeanine Turner of Turner Development Group, and Artist Noah Hall.

Some of us.

Here's Cheri and me along with some other pics.

MAP's Out of Order art opening.

The BMA, (Baltimore Museum of Art) has employed me to help promo an art exhibit happening within their walls. That involved my showing up at the MAP (Maryland Art Place) for their yearly extravaganza with all the art the walls could hold being auctioned off. My roll: To act as the paparazzi and capture images of the shindig while promoting what's happening at the BMA.

Had fun because my friend Heather Joi Baker was paparazziing as well and she's always a good party animal. Bumped into my old friend and ex intern/ex boss (complex story) Cheri Landry and we all had a blast. It was the second night in a row I didn't end up in my own bed because Cheri invited me to crash at her crib while the night before I had been partying with Heather and beau Brian along with Noah their artist neighbor. Together we attended a 40's night at some local pub and had a good ol' time laughing and meeting folks.