Sunday, April 3, 2011

MAP's Out of Order art opening.

The BMA, (Baltimore Museum of Art) has employed me to help promo an art exhibit happening within their walls. That involved my showing up at the MAP (Maryland Art Place) for their yearly extravaganza with all the art the walls could hold being auctioned off. My roll: To act as the paparazzi and capture images of the shindig while promoting what's happening at the BMA.

Had fun because my friend Heather Joi Baker was paparazziing as well and she's always a good party animal. Bumped into my old friend and ex intern/ex boss (complex story) Cheri Landry and we all had a blast. It was the second night in a row I didn't end up in my own bed because Cheri invited me to crash at her crib while the night before I had been partying with Heather and beau Brian along with Noah their artist neighbor. Together we attended a 40's night at some local pub and had a good ol' time laughing and meeting folks.

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