Thursday, December 22, 2016

This is a pic, not vid.  I stole it from somewhere.  It was a dance performance.  Thought this set was awesome.

Not sure if this pic ever made it to this blog or not.  This was a vocal performance down town in Balt at MAP for an art opening a while back.  That poor audience, they didn't know what to do!  Hahaha, I could see them just staring and keeping their distance.  By the third song they seemed less shocked and didn't bother moving back, out of reach.  Probably the audience is never considering how they look to the performers.

Ha!  An audition pic.  I needed to be mad.  Never heard back from them.  Must not have been convincing!

Here's me having some fun at a kid's event.  If they're under 5 it's loads of fun.  They completely believe you are Spiderman, it's like you're the best thing that has happened to them in their entire life.

This is a still from the web series Confab.  I played a freegan and here I am philosophizing with a student who met me at the trash can while I was looking for food.

Here is another image from a day of work with Connie Imboden.  She is under the water, below me, with her lens facing up.  I'm above the surface of the water balancing on a wooden support system supported by the edges of the pool with my arms raised behind me.  My face is dipped below the water's surface.  Connie's flash is cooler than the light above the pool causing my face to be more washed out while the rest of me has warm tones.

This is my brother who appeared at a Walter's Art Museum event I was attending.  This was after the commercial which explains my costume.

This is Andriy Portyanko's image from a while back.

Back from Europe!

Figured out how to get back into my own blog.  Holland was awesome.  Saw Fransi, my friend from 30 years ago!  That was awesome.  Shared history, no matter how far back or how short, is the fabric of interesting relationships and memories.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Recent events.

At Cheri Landry's wedding in New Orleans.  Carl Stevens

Performing "My Funny Valentine" at the Landry/Torri wedding in Louisiana, 2015, Carl Stevens.

Back stage at the 2015 Daniel Motorca fashion show in Jacksonville.  Carl Stevens and other models.

Below is Cheri Landry's image of Carl Stevens in the French Quarter of New Orleans enhanced by Andriy Portyanko.

A still from the performance Apocalyptic Hostel Takeover performed at the Baltimore Hostel, concept from Carl Stevens and music by The Immortal Jellyfish.


Decided to update.  This is a test.  Wonder if anyone still exists that used to follow me.  Here's one of Connie Imboden's images that I'm fond of.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"The Bury Their Children"

This is a short student film I did with a student from Stevenson University.
Still haven't seen it yet but liked the role and the cover.

"7th Day"

This film I worked on last year. Trailer just came out and as I understand it, in June the film will be released.

Here's the address to the teaser:


The short I was in last summer, "444" is out. If I can solve this I will upload it now. It's 20 minutes long.

Here's the address:


Been busy with a web series in DC, "Confab". I play a Freegan living off of the excesses of a consumer driven society. Some clever lines. Just finished. Should be launched in the summer I believe.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Old Dog New Tricks.

Trying to get me to write here each day is like teaching an old dog new tricks. Either I have so much to say and don't feel like writing a book, or I can't think of a thing to write. Alan says this is to be my life stream where you guys are supposed to come for info. Maybe.

But, Sat. was smashing. Here are pics.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hammered out some of the music parts.

Got the females together and went over the nymphs parts. Exciting to work with good people! Talent, talent, talent! I love it.

More glue...

... for the set. Paper mache' uses a lot of it. Andriy, my photographer and partner in crime when it comes to scheming artistic performances says, "Don't complicate things." Well, he's been in Poland so, guess what? I ended up with 11' high trees for my enchanted forest because no one was around to remind me of his cautious words.

Busy, running to auditions.

Just got back from NY where I waited in line, on a very cold day, for an audition for a Cohen brother's film. Finally, a guy came out and said, "Get your head shots out. If you look like your pic you can leave and we'll contact you. If not, wait in line, come in, we'll photograph you, can take if from there."

Came around to me. I handed the pic, looked at him, he said, "How are you today." I said, "Frozen". He gave me one of those looks like, "Does this guy pass or not." Silence. "You're good" he said and I booked to the closest shop that had stuff I believed I could be interested in enough to pretend to peruse.

That was Sunday. I had gotten up at 4:00 to catch a 5:30 bus leaving White Marsh. The day before I had what I call a 'good' audition for a film over in Virginia. Good because they called me out and had me read the script different ways. Then, they asked if I could do it differently. Then they told me to hang around because they wanted me for call backs.

Several hours later I was called in. There was a board of six people and a camera man or two. One guy started to explain to me how he wanted me to read. Come to find out, I had the wrong script. They solved that, gave me two, one for Dracula and one for Frankenstein. They gave me time to prep. I came back and they had me read both of them in a couple of ways, and I was free to go.

All this action is a good sign. The others that I saw were simply thanked and allowed to go. We'll see what comes of it. I had wanted the role of the mummy, but upon arriving and being asked to read for Drac and Frank, when I asked about the mummy, they said, "Yeah, but we like your voice. The mummy has no lines." Sounds good to me.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Art Show

In alliance with Soulforms, I was asked to hang my art in a group show at the Theatre Project here in Balt. That opening was Thursday night. It was cool. Also, I have a lot of work the next two weeks with several auditions but mainly preparing for the Jan 28th performance at Bolton Hill. This will be a private party with 24 guests coming in from DC. I'm creating a magical fantasy forest and will be performing with Nancy Flores, Heather Joi Baker and several others. One Violinist, maybe Adrian Stone will be the emcee as an owl/human creature that appears in the tree before each act.

The performance has three acts, built around three songs. I will do Gershwin's "But not for me", "The Nearness of You" by Hoagy Carmichael and words by Ned Washington, and Savage Garden's "Truly, Madly, Deeply".

The setting is a deep forest where a satyr, played by myself, lives as well as three nymphs. The owl creature also lives there and watches all that goes on so he is well suited to narrate the parts of the story the guests would otherwise be without. The satyr believes love will never come to him in the opening act. This is revealed as he sings, "But not for me". Alone, hoping for love.

The second act shows the three nymphs lead by Heather Joi frolicking in the dense forest playfully, care free, alive and vibrant. The satyr observes them from a hidden spot behind a tree love struck by the fair Heather. She leaves one of her possessions behind as they run off to play in another part of the enchanted forest. The satyr emerges, takes the object in his hand and holds it to his heart as he sings, "The nearness of you".

The third and final act opens with the satyr seated by himself, lost in some deep though facing off stage. The three nymphs enter joyfully singing, but it is as if the satyr is oblivious to them. Finally Heather takes him by the hand and invites him to listen to what they are singing, "Truly, Madly, Deeply" as she shows that she is in fact in love with him as well. The two embrace and the satyr joins the dance and the song, confirming their love.

All this is accompanied by our violinist who is seated just outside of the forest area in the same room where the guests are seated. The owl introduces each act and closes the performance as well with a few lines. Pics to come.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Zombie pics

Amelia Nelson Cooper took these pics while in the make up chair. Aftermath FX Studio's Leah Sarrah Bassett worked on me for a while then Jason M. Koch got a hold of me.

This is for the film "The Gunslinger Grifter Logan".

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cip advertising "The Visitor"

This address is to a clip made about "The Visitor", a film in which I play this creepy, other worldly flesh eating thing. You may need to cut and paste it into your browser.

More zombies

Zombies need to stick together.


Here we are with our father.
Been spending a lot of time at City Arts apartments with Heather preparing for the Jan 28th gig. That is a private party where we will provide the entertainment. Pretty much have the thing hammered out. A violinist will provide the music, I will sing and Heather, Nancy and hopefully one other woman will dance as nymphs in the magical garden we've created. We'll do three songs during the dinner where 24 guests will be dinning. I'll be in my satyr costume.


Ok guys, has been forever since I posted. Back in the swing of things thanks to my guy Alan Mac who is the cyber king of Maryland.

Last week I worked in Stephen Rubac's "The Gunslinger Grifter Logan" as a zombie, or more accurately a semi human result of nuclear fall out, which was awesome! Make up chair for a very long time with Jason M. Koch and his partner Katleigh. Those guys are great, in your face forever and even have good breath as well as good humor.

I wanted to go home in the make up so I could make some of my own films, which I did. We wrapped at 11:00 or so and I hit the hay 5:00ish while falling asleep on the comp uploading what I had done. The next day I made this zombie dating site spoof ad which I love. I also have some philosophy from a zombie as well as other dating related takes. Now that was fun. I'll up load some of that stuff when I figure out how.

Monday, January 9, 2012

New news. Trying to bring this back to life. This pic needs to be viewed.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Lots of rain, nice, wet rain, the kind I like. Went early to Home Depot and found few people shopping. Two of the several humans I did see I happened to know and were from New England. I told the clerk that 'weather or not, I was working in my garden today because I am from New England. No waiting around for conditions to get things done."

Here's a (probably sideways) video of my garden in progress. Elsbeth believes I am spending money in the wrong places, ie, the garden. "We have no lease agreement, I can throw you out in the street tomorrow and you would have no recourse. I don't think you should spend money on this house."

Regardless, if I am here only a few more months, I am making the kitchen a 'real' kitchen and I am being greeted each morning by flowers, bright, colorful flowers.

Well, instead, since I did something wrong, I'll give this pic of a bear.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm on my way down town to meet with friends. We'll discuss venues in town for public performances. Want Heather to be involved either dancing or acting in the show. Spoke with Ruut who says I should find a regular place to perfom in here in town a few days a week. Starting the process. Funny, she reminded me that when she was young and I was living in the house with Kaija and Tuomos I told her she had to put on tights because it was cold outside. ? The things kids remember. Now I'm asking her advice about entertainment managment and marketing.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Climbing the Wall

Luke and I went climbing and got some shots. Good time.

Working on set

Today we filmed in DC. It will be shown on Investigation Discovery channel, the program is called "Nightmare Next Door" episode #12. I guess it comes out in the summer or fall. I play a romantic interest of this woman who gets killed by her ex. It's a re-enactment of a true crime, happened in 2002 I guess. Was a good shoot, had a lot of fun, good people.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Plants, plants and more plants.

Got lots of flowers today to go into the garden. Feels very good to dig in the earth again, one of my favorite things to do! Always feel good even when it hurts my back.

My mates!

Theresa Keil of "What Weekly", Artist and dude Brian Baker, Performing artist and painter Heather Joi Baker, Artist Jeanine Turner of Turner Development Group, and Artist Noah Hall.

Some of us.

Here's Cheri and me along with some other pics.

MAP's Out of Order art opening.

The BMA, (Baltimore Museum of Art) has employed me to help promo an art exhibit happening within their walls. That involved my showing up at the MAP (Maryland Art Place) for their yearly extravaganza with all the art the walls could hold being auctioned off. My roll: To act as the paparazzi and capture images of the shindig while promoting what's happening at the BMA.

Had fun because my friend Heather Joi Baker was paparazziing as well and she's always a good party animal. Bumped into my old friend and ex intern/ex boss (complex story) Cheri Landry and we all had a blast. It was the second night in a row I didn't end up in my own bed because Cheri invited me to crash at her crib while the night before I had been partying with Heather and beau Brian along with Noah their artist neighbor. Together we attended a 40's night at some local pub and had a good ol' time laughing and meeting folks.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back in the Game.

A huge amount of time has passed since I've been here. I am no longer living in my basement, but someonelse's. I'm still in Baltimore and in the process of rehabing Elsbeth's basement. I've been here over a year and now really getting the place up to par.

I'm climbing over boxes and things that I've pulled out in order to work on the walls and put in cabinets.

Since I posted last, I've been in a lot of films, some commercials, the Addi Awards Open by NFL films and a lot of other stuff. It's been a blast. I'll post some videos and pics for you.
Let me know that you're still out there.... if you are!
I'm back. Let's see if I can actually use this as a diary once again and put some life back into this blog.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Now that the show is over, I'm getting adjusted to normal life. I have a commission I need to finish and should start on that.

Will be in two different films this weekend, so, I guess that means I am accomplishing my goals. Next I need to find some money. The creditors are just around the corner, I can feel them lurking.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Show was a Smashing Success!

It worked! Even with the snow people came to the opening night. Having done a not so good job at marketing I was surprised. Turns out that some of my friends had invited their friends and the place was filled.

The Swing Easy Trio did a superb job and we are making plans for more events! Thanks to Lane Berk who relentlessly wrangled contact information from the crowd I will be able to inform those interested of the next show.

The hostel itself is interested in my donating a piece of art as a permenant fixture, I'll have to think about that.

I mentioned that my desire was to have the show go to Paris. Two different people offered contacts they had living there in the arts who they thought could help. Fun.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Preparing for Art Show

Doing the last minute things that will make this show happen. Got a van to take the things over tomorrow evening. I'll stack them their and hang them the next day probably.

Looks like I'll have a projector running some of Carl's Basement videos as part of the installation. Happy about that.

Went to the Baltimore Choral Arts Society Christmas performance at the Basilica tonight. Good time. Was in the front row. Part of the program included the conductor turning and leading the audience in some Christmas songs. Elsbeth heard me sing and afterward told me she knows Tom Hall, the conductor, and that I should go for an audition. I'll consider looking into it but I don't know if it would interfere with the theatre or the film shoots. I'll have to think about it.

Fresh News

Got a good post from an old friend in the performing arts in NY. He saw "Carl's Basement" videos and showed his director friend. This guy liked them and now we are getting connected. He's making some film up in that State and can't hurt to be aligned.

Just launched twitter but no time to learn that one yet. Show's coming up and I'm nearly late on everything. This Sat. is the event!

The judge crashed her car last night and I need to bring her to a rental place now.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


So, I think I'll try to start thinking about going to bed. But first I have to make a film. I'm preparing for an exhibit so I thought the process might be of interest to you guys. Hence, I want to say good by and get filming so I can then sleep and get the goods to Alan so he can upload them.


Over the Hump

Was reading some of my past posts and realized I am over the hump. Those days were rough, trying to figure out what I was doing with my life, where I was living, above ground or below, in a building or in a tent, in a corridor or on the porch... blah, blah. Now I find myself waking up in a nice bed, turning on the coffee machine and eating a cheese danish as a ritual.

I have an art show in one week, Dec.5th here in Baltimore and I'm finishing up with that. I'm excited. Seems to have come together more systematically this time arround. Better planning.

Got my actors reel together and sent those out to the agents. One one them told me how I could make it better so I redid it and need to resend them. Excited about that. Hoping for a call about a Civil War film that I am supposed to audition for in Dec. Growing my beard for that.

Hamlet came and went. Got both good and bad reviews. Had a blast being the Grave Digger. I wonder if you can see it on line? Spotlighter's Theatre may have uploaded it. Now I'm learning the music for Man of La Mancha which Vagabond's is putting on in Jan. FUN!

Thanks for being patient while I regrouped. You guys come back and I'll do my best to keep you fed!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Carl's Still Alive

An electronic post uploaded last night indicates that the missing Carl of Let's Watch Carl has reappeared in cyber. Evidence that his basement lifestyle, though it may have kept him down for a while, was not capable of extinguishing his determination to survive.

A new website is reported in the making including links to twitter, "Carl's Basement "youTube videos, MySpace, Facebook and more. Goings on in his life from song writting and vocal performances, local theatre, movies, art shows even camel training are all uploaded for you viewing pleasure.

Lurk around in basements if you will Carl, but we will find you!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wow, I'm back. Been away far, far to long. Thanks to the help of one of my mates I'm back in the saddle again.

My last post mentioned the play just ending. That had to be Side Man. Side Man finished and Hamlet came and went, now I'm in Man of La Mancha and very excited about it. Nice to be back!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The play

The play is over and it went well. Two different critics gave good reviews, at least for me which helps. Looks like I'll be auditioning for a role in Hamlet that will be playing here at another local theater this summer.

Friends of mine are working on my going forward in the theater and I will be headed to NYC for some stuff soon.

I'm working on getting out of the basement which my friends says is "Not a basement. It is an industrial closet". Certainly plumbing and other perks would help this space to be a bit more attractive, but anyway, I'm trying to take the steps to get out of it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Guys. I've moved most my stuff to facebook. But, trying to keep this one alive too. Have had a bit of a hard time with getting into cyber recently.

The play is going well. Some friends are hooking me up in NYC so I'm hopeful about that.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Life

Ok, I've decided, I'm changing my life. Fed. 7th I gave myself one month to have some MAJOR changes. What are they, you ask? I'm not sure, but I am NOT going to continue living this way. Does it mean move out of the basement? I don't know. Does it mean quit my jobs and find something else? I don't know, but SOMETHING is going to change.

The sun is out and that seems to be helping. I walked out of one of my jobs when someone was going spastic, this was because of my new decision. Took a few days off and went to the library, got a card, and started using the comps to job search.

I'll be creating a resume, or several. You need a different resume depending on which job you are trying to get.

Each day I am looking for some new signs, indications of what might be around the corner.

Time for diary

I know I've been away a bit. Now it's time for updates, but I can't just yet. I am hoping to use this blog as a kind of diary. Stay with me. Meanwhile, "Carl's Basement" on youTube has the recent videos.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Carl's Basement" youtube

I'm sending some of my viewers to "Carl's Basement" on youTube because it seems easier to work with, so far. If you want to see my new stuff, go there. I will be back here though, soon.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Does anyone know if using youTube for videos brings more exposure?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Striped cat next to coral and unopened jam

Wise, small, plastic dog from China

Seeking wisdom from those containing it has been a constant practice of the ancients as evidenced through history. Are we any different today?

Sam on the move

Here's a quickie of Sam moving about.

Post Kayak

I had the good fortune of being offered a kayak on my last day. So I got up at 6:00 and scurried out to the gulf to spend three or more hours doing what I like. At one point a fin appears about 10 feet away from me. All the images from Jaws flew back into my mind without any invitation as I reduced the amount of white water I was creating with the ores. Then, as I watched for the resurfacing, it became clear that my neighbor was in fact a dolphin. I followed him as long as I could, visually, then concluded that he was gone. It made my day.

Samuel Cushing

Here's the ol' boy having a seat.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Samuel's face

Here's one I snapped of Sam from my bed.

Others around the farm

There were several of these guys around but they all got precious little attention from me because all my energy was focused on the goal at hand.

Sleeping Mate

This little one found his way to my bed the last few nights in the barn. He wasn't as agreeable as the boys up in Maryland but I still enjoyed having him around. I was told he was a pizza eating cat so the rats which I kept hearing rustling around may not have cared he was there, but I enjoyed his company.

Boys on the couch

Here are the boys on Warren's couch. I wonder if he even remembers I am storing it for him?

Being dragged around by a camel

After several very short training sessions involving taking Samuel from his paddock to the work area, he seemed to have had enough. Instead of standing in front of the gate and waiting for me to open it, he turned and ran down the corridor to the closed fence which was the entrance to the barn yard. Here is a video of the marks left in the sand.

Sleeping arrangements

Here is the bed I created in the barn so I could spend the nights with Samuel. Hay bails are underneath the sheet. Observing his behavior throughout the night helped me learn about him in a context where he would otherwise be alone.

Homosapiens and Happenstance

In the human experience it is practically impossible to gauge when good fortune will strike. Let's try to be positive and expect that at any moment the best will come to us.

Farm Work

Plan on making great sacrifices in your personal life if you intend to raise mammals. These animals need your love and support and need to be kept on a strict rhythm in order to get the maximum millage from them. When implementing a clear routine remember to keep feeding time as near to the exact moment each day as is humanly possible.

Law breaking crackers.

If society does not come to grips with the responsibility it holds in the training arena of other species, soon there will be an overthrowing of law and order as we know it.

Animal Crossing

When training is not done thoroughly enough, mammalia can go awry. For this very reason one spends the utmost time preparing for interaction with other species to arrive at the optimum result. I plead with you never to settle for quick results, or this what you observe in the video could end up being repeated for to many times.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Palm Harbor training Samuel

Haultering him up. Believe me, if a camel does not want you to do this, "it ain't happenin!" Luckily, Sam allowed it and associated it with fun activity, at least 'change'. Very curious these creatures are.

Bringing the boy back after some training.

I thought this one showed a bit of the intensity in my body language that was always the state of affairs while with him.
The whole thing was a rush. One needs to constantly be aware and on one's toes next to such a beast.
Each night I searched the Internet for answers to questions I discovered during the day. I found out that only recently a local trainer suffocated when a bull knocked her down and sat on her. She had a lot of experience but even with that, when something this size becomes aggressive all the parameters change.

Proof I'm not in my basement lying about camels

Leading Samuel to the work paddock. This was the easy part, a straight line ten feet long, until he discovered the path to our left was more interesting and room enough for him to run.
The bed I made on top of hay bails in order to spend the nights with him as well.

The fan is actually back in the center of his stall, not as it appears here.

This task was more than I'd bargained for. Terribly interesting creatures, not simple to train. Daunting I'd say. Just got started and needed to return home.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Camels are not as small or easy to work with as you might think.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How to upload videos?

I've been trying to upload my new videos but can't seem to do it on these comps that are not Macs.

Anyone have any advice/instructions?
Geez, I hope I didn't offend Alan.

I get so few comments, and finally I get one and my video has been short of interesting for him.

Maybe I am to sensitive for this type of existance.