Thursday, December 22, 2016

This is a pic, not vid.  I stole it from somewhere.  It was a dance performance.  Thought this set was awesome.

Not sure if this pic ever made it to this blog or not.  This was a vocal performance down town in Balt at MAP for an art opening a while back.  That poor audience, they didn't know what to do!  Hahaha, I could see them just staring and keeping their distance.  By the third song they seemed less shocked and didn't bother moving back, out of reach.  Probably the audience is never considering how they look to the performers.

Ha!  An audition pic.  I needed to be mad.  Never heard back from them.  Must not have been convincing!

Here's me having some fun at a kid's event.  If they're under 5 it's loads of fun.  They completely believe you are Spiderman, it's like you're the best thing that has happened to them in their entire life.

This is a still from the web series Confab.  I played a freegan and here I am philosophizing with a student who met me at the trash can while I was looking for food.

Here is another image from a day of work with Connie Imboden.  She is under the water, below me, with her lens facing up.  I'm above the surface of the water balancing on a wooden support system supported by the edges of the pool with my arms raised behind me.  My face is dipped below the water's surface.  Connie's flash is cooler than the light above the pool causing my face to be more washed out while the rest of me has warm tones.

This is my brother who appeared at a Walter's Art Museum event I was attending.  This was after the commercial which explains my costume.

This is Andriy Portyanko's image from a while back.

Back from Europe!

Figured out how to get back into my own blog.  Holland was awesome.  Saw Fransi, my friend from 30 years ago!  That was awesome.  Shared history, no matter how far back or how short, is the fabric of interesting relationships and memories.