Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Ok guys, has been forever since I posted. Back in the swing of things thanks to my guy Alan Mac who is the cyber king of Maryland.

Last week I worked in Stephen Rubac's "The Gunslinger Grifter Logan" as a zombie, or more accurately a semi human result of nuclear fall out, which was awesome! Make up chair for a very long time with Jason M. Koch and his partner Katleigh. Those guys are great, in your face forever and even have good breath as well as good humor.

I wanted to go home in the make up so I could make some of my own films, which I did. We wrapped at 11:00 or so and I hit the hay 5:00ish while falling asleep on the comp uploading what I had done. The next day I made this zombie dating site spoof ad which I love. I also have some philosophy from a zombie as well as other dating related takes. Now that was fun. I'll up load some of that stuff when I figure out how.

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Alan Mac said...

Good to see you back in the swing of posting again.