Saturday, January 14, 2012

Art Show

In alliance with Soulforms, I was asked to hang my art in a group show at the Theatre Project here in Balt. That opening was Thursday night. It was cool. Also, I have a lot of work the next two weeks with several auditions but mainly preparing for the Jan 28th performance at Bolton Hill. This will be a private party with 24 guests coming in from DC. I'm creating a magical fantasy forest and will be performing with Nancy Flores, Heather Joi Baker and several others. One Violinist, maybe Adrian Stone will be the emcee as an owl/human creature that appears in the tree before each act.

The performance has three acts, built around three songs. I will do Gershwin's "But not for me", "The Nearness of You" by Hoagy Carmichael and words by Ned Washington, and Savage Garden's "Truly, Madly, Deeply".

The setting is a deep forest where a satyr, played by myself, lives as well as three nymphs. The owl creature also lives there and watches all that goes on so he is well suited to narrate the parts of the story the guests would otherwise be without. The satyr believes love will never come to him in the opening act. This is revealed as he sings, "But not for me". Alone, hoping for love.

The second act shows the three nymphs lead by Heather Joi frolicking in the dense forest playfully, care free, alive and vibrant. The satyr observes them from a hidden spot behind a tree love struck by the fair Heather. She leaves one of her possessions behind as they run off to play in another part of the enchanted forest. The satyr emerges, takes the object in his hand and holds it to his heart as he sings, "The nearness of you".

The third and final act opens with the satyr seated by himself, lost in some deep though facing off stage. The three nymphs enter joyfully singing, but it is as if the satyr is oblivious to them. Finally Heather takes him by the hand and invites him to listen to what they are singing, "Truly, Madly, Deeply" as she shows that she is in fact in love with him as well. The two embrace and the satyr joins the dance and the song, confirming their love.

All this is accompanied by our violinist who is seated just outside of the forest area in the same room where the guests are seated. The owl introduces each act and closes the performance as well with a few lines. Pics to come.

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