Friday, December 5, 2008

Met someone

Last night at a gallery event I met a guy who's roommate knows some agents in Vagas. I'll be contacting him to see if the stuff I am creating can get a booking.

Now I'm still making the costumes. Had some good luck at JoAnne's Fabric store. First of all, the place if FULL of women and it's easy to get attention there. So I just asked some shopper about what I was trying to do and come to find out, she has made costumes herself. She walked me through all the steps and even gave me a coupon!

I've got the Moulin Rouge costume almost complete. I make that one out of sheers that I took off the windows and a sheet my dogs had ripped. Oh yea, I also had some squooshy packing stuff, maybe it's called packing foam or something, and that helped. When I'm completely finished I'll upload some pics.

The Beast horns are almost done as well. We'll see if I can figure out how to keep them on my head.

The Gargoyle costume is the most complex so far. All this stuff takes time as does finding songs that make sense for these characters.

The back drop still is not make but I have a place to gesso the canvas (my cellar has no room) so at least that's a step in that direction and I have the design done, I think.

I'm also creating a kind of vaude ville stage setting, or glorified puppet theatre to be the back drop. Found some old material in the attic that will serve as the curtains.

I'm excited about it all.


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