Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Almost finished with the gargoyle costume, the body section anyway.
Actually, the hands and feet will probably be a lot of work and I still need to cover the back of my head.

Thrilled about this.

Next, I need to finish the bulls horns with some kind of padding so they don't squeeze my temples.

I have an other idea for a costume as well.


Does anyone know if it's worth my while to try to get hired at the Renissaunce Festival? The won't take applicants serious unless you say what price you want to receive. They have stage performances for 30 or 40 minutes each, four times per day.

Any thoughts?


Alan said...

It can be profitable. The most successful acts at the Rennfests are typically comedic.

There are some performers who pull in big crowds, like Johnny Fox and some of the Shakespearean comedy actors. However, they have really, really polished and proven acts. They also have tendencies to sell merchandise like T-shirts and mugs, etc that probably really make the money.

Carl said...


My act is not funny.


I may need to rethink this????

I guess the question is am I looking for a successful act by Rennfest's measuring rod, or do I feel the need to express myself in the way I have developed my art?

Alan said...

Shakespeare, DaVinci, and Bach all found ways to take their art passion, and occasionally make money from it. However, if your art requires you to starve, then there isn't much recourse. However, "the long tail" of the internet says that you do your passion, and someone will enjoy it. If you do it for the fun of producing the monetization can show up later.