Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Training camels

Well looks like I'm on my way to Florida to train a camel. We've been in a series of talks and today I found the ticket in my messages. That should be fun.

Samuel is a four year old who kind of hurt one of his trainers. I'll go down and give it a whirl. According to the caregivers he had an unusual connection with me while I was there last month. This connected with the endless questions I fired at them caused them to think I may be the man.

With camels, bonding is all about trust and working with them on their timetable. Nothing quick, nothing forced. Once they trust you, you can do with them as you want. But, even with this, size along causes some problems, even if they just want to play.

Anyway, I'm thrilled and on my way. Now I just need to get someone to take care of my dogs while I'm gone.

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