Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Am considering building a hay bail house/room to live in for the winter. Almost did it last year but decided to live in the basement. Now, I'm a bit creeped out about living down there, plus I think it makes my nasal passage irritated.

Another consideration is to build a sun room off of one of the apartments that faces the lake and have my own entrance to it. That way, when I got around to it in the future I could open up the wall and connect it to that apartment, but for the winter I could at least sleep/work there. I really do not want to go back into that basement, though I am willing to for showers and clothes.

Yes, I am in the process of putting in a makeshift shower. Since this basement episode I've been sponge bathing myself outside by setting up a water bucket on the stone wall. Now that ladies are renting some of my spaces I'm not sure I should continue to do so.

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