Friday, August 1, 2008

Here are the boys, Vito, Bob and Mike.  They came to my concert and I advertised them as The Three Tenors. The reason I did that is because each time they hear a siren they start to howl.  Mike leads the thing, Bob chimes in and sometimes, depending on his mood, Vito will pipe up as well.  

The funniest thing is they sing in pitch.  They are always hitting the same note the ambulance plays.  It's hysterical.  Next concert I hope to have a recording of a siren so they can perform.


Alan said...

My great uncle never quite forgave my father for teaching his farm dog how to "sing". He'd sing a note, and the dog would work his way up to the note. Apparently, for years afterwards, that dog howled at the moon.

Carl said...

Ha, forgiveness certainly is a big notion.