Sunday, July 20, 2008

Writing a book

I got some of the chapters to a book I've been writing into the hands of my friend Dudley who is an author and journalist for the New York Times.  He said he would read it and let me know his thoughts.  I said, "Only if you tell me the truth".  He said, "It is not worth it if I don't."  I like that.


Sue said...

What's it about?

Carl said...

I've taken some family history and embellished it with descriptions of nature and childhood goings on and how I imagine my dad and mom's life to have been as they grew up in the context of the true data which we do have.

Together with that I am trying to present three different generations all intertwined, leaving out some parts/names till the end so you don't know how it's all connected until you get there.
The trick is keeping the interest of the reader long enough. A lot of cerebral activity on my part.