Saturday, July 5, 2008

Here is were we sleep now, in the corridor between apartments.


Anonymous said...

i'd like a painting of my dogs at some point but how much will i have to house is nicer than yours but we've a baby gal on the way in sept. you know since your monks of new skete comment that's how i got my start at dog i guarantee my results or it's free and i usually make around 100 bucks an may wanna look into that for fast cash, it's getting real popular with tv shows about dogs and training and to have a number of large cities near you well that's more than i have to work with down in small south west florida

Carl said...


The price has to do with the size and complexity of the painting. Also, how involved you are going to be, like, are the dogs in the painting going to be your dogs or just any dogs?

$100 per hour, but the question is how many hours can you actually work at that per week?

A 20 by 24 inch painting like the one you like cost $600 or $800 on canvas, but I might be able to do something special for you for less.