Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Sailors in Paris" This was one of the "Americans in Paris" series from 2007. I had fun getting the items for this one. Got the shorts from a closeted gay guy who stole them from his roommate in the air force whom he had a crush one. How? I went of Craigs list and started asking people for under ware! Ha. I got some very interesting responses.

The watch is from Poland, the pins on the sailors shirt, which you really can't see here, I got while trading things with Russian tourists years ago when Brezhnev was still alive. The sock if Williams, who owns the gallery where I now work. (Hummm? I immortalized him by putting his clothing in the art and he STILL cut my hours. No respect!) The tee shirt Kyle gave me and I think he took it from his lover. He's gay.

The label on the wine bottle is from wine served at Gallery Imperato, where I work.

"Sailors in Paris" is about 4" high and 3" wide, acrylic on canvas but involves mixed media as well, painted in 2007.

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