Sunday, July 13, 2008

Found some food, in the parking lot.

I was taking the trash out of the gallery to the dumpster and a food truck was delivering fresh product to the Wine Market.  The guy spilled a bunch of mushrooms out onto the parking lot.

When he left, I picked them up.  I called my neighbor and he said, "When I first met you, you were energetic, organized and aggressively reaching your goals. Now you aren't.  Maybe you are malnourished." So he invited me up for breakfast and convinced me that I need to eat more often. I brought the mushroom I had found and he made omelets for both of us.  That was cool.  

To tell you the truth, I do feel better having had breakfast.  No we might work out a deal where I help him with doing yard work and stuff at this place as a trade off and he feeds me.  Sounds good to me.


Anonymous said...

Carl, you must eat! When I was living with you, I remember seeing you outside painting, licking peanut butter off of a knife. I gave you some power bars and took you shopping. You must not be afraid to ask for food!!!

Carl said...

Who do I ask?

Actually, I think it is a bigger problem. I think I need to investigate my own value system. It seems like I have prioritized the creditors, as I am running with every dollar I get to hand it over to them. I am embarrassed by the fact that I am in debt and I don't count out enough money to eat.

It needs to change, I am trying.