Sunday, July 13, 2008

Update, July... something, maybe 13th. It's Sunday

I got the idea to was my hair Friday, something I hadn't done in a month or so, I can't really remember.  When I went to get the water that I had collected from the roof it smelled weird.  So I splurged and opened up the faucet that sticks out of the side of the house.  It was cool, I mean the sensation of using the shampoo and conditioner and all.  I had kind of forgotten what that was like.  Funny how you forget things.

Anyway, the reason I did it was because of the opening at the gallery and I thought, "What if my hair actually smells weird.  That would not be good."

I liked it.  Water is awesome.  Very refreshing.


Pete said...

Yes, washing hair once in a while is a good thing - and weird smelling hair is not so good. Keep up the hair washing.

Carl said...

Well Julia Roberts only does it once every two weeks and she's famous.

Now that I did was it, it's become very fluffy. I think I liked it better the other way.