Sunday, July 6, 2008

I cracked up the entire time, which was a few months, while I created this painting. I asked the director of the gallery to give me her bra. She said yes. It's probably my favorite one. I went out and bought fake eyelashes to paste on this guy and I was even laughing while I was paying for them over the counter.

Two of my Greek friends, who happen to be female told me this one was sad. I don't see how they find sorrow in this, but, I suppose art touches everyone in a different way???

"Traveling Clothes", 40" by 40", acrylic on canvas and mixed media, 2007.


Alvin Saldanha said...

I cracked up looking at it. Your mischief shines through. What did you do with the bra?

Carl said...


Thanks for the comment. I was laughing for months while creating this. I still laugh and I love it when others laugh.

Pete said...

You didn't answer alvins question - What did you do with the bra?