Sunday, July 20, 2008

To all

Well, I've been eating because of every one's advice. It's kind of odd, I think I feel less... euphoric, and more weighted down, but I think more clearly and seem to be able to make decisions better.  my neighbor John has thrown a religious twist into the equation and tells me that I am supposed to look at feeding myself as taking care of the temple of God.  I kind of like that sort of thinking.  Certainly I would be put off if I walked into the Sistine Chapel and there was clutter, dirty dishes with molding spaghetti sauce stuck to some plates and unfilled papers in stacks everywhere I looked.  Temples are supposed to be orderly.  But I am trying to deal with this feeling of fullness, which honestly, I do not like.

John also said that the time and energy put into preparing the meal is by design part of the larger picture and one needs to learn to enjoy it.  Interesting thoughts, almost a kind of zen thing.

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