Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One step back... any forward?

I finally integrated the new dog in with the others. No one has stepped up to take her. I was afraid there might be some confusion, but they seem to like playing together.

Also, I have kind of fallen in love with her. Now I have created an even more weird setting that will be hard to undo.

Since I am living away from them, I need to drive each morning and evening, sometimes twice in the evening to let them out. Of course, now there are four, instead of the already to many three.

Everyone who does not have a dog says, "Get rid of the dogs and take your life forward." This is not so easily done. One becomes attached.

Any thoughts?


Pete said...

I have a dog and I also say that maybe it is time to get rid of the dogs and go forward with your life. My viewpoint is that there will always be dogs around and available and they are really not a necessity but more of a luxury or something for fun and can definitely we done without if they are a any sort of hindrance from you going on. We love you, Carl.

Carl said...

How to remove the fact that in my darkest hours over the past years they have been my reason, sometimes only reason for living?

I can't gauge how important they may be to me for basic stability. I receive a huge amount of love from them, and quite frankly, I am not getting that from anyone else!

I'm afraid to separate myself from them. Afraid that I am the one that will suffer the loss. Once gone, it will be to late.

Carl said...

The difference between you am me is that you have a wife, kids, grand kids, a circle of friends.

I come home to four dogs. Without them I am not so sure I would get up in the morning at all. It's kind of intense.

Plus, Teddy Awad's father cried for one year when his dog died and he already had a wife and kids and a very demanding business.