Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well I wasn't offered a job but I was told to get my butt in gear, go forward, get out of the lame town of B-more, move to the city, pursue some dream, any dream and even as I was getting the council my friend started asking those around us whom we did not know, which schools were the best in town.

I met a successful movie producer and basically was thrilled about being there and imagined myself doing something big.

More steps to come.

I got up this morning and dismantled the tent. This is a sign of going forward.


Pete said...

Wow - the dismantling of the tent has taken place - only good things to come - onward and upward. Keep it up.

Carl said...

I'm not so sure. Now I need to drive each morning very early and in the evening to let the dogs out and feed them. Plus, I miss the sound of the crickets.