Saturday, October 25, 2008


Yesterday I met with a make up artist and we engaged in a very high energy meeting about the new character I am developing for part of my performance portfolio. He took his phone, once he finally calmed down a bit because he was thrilled about my ideas, and called a man who is producing a film and told him he thought my character would be perfect for this movie. I was handed the phone and explained to the guy my idea. In the end I had his cell phone number as well as email address and next week we will talk.

While attending the Silo Point apartment launch in the old building that over looks the harbor, I started up a conversation with a women who happens to have just created a documentary here in Balt and I ended up with her number as well.

At last nights art opening I was directed to a woman who works for a private production company and we chatted. I explained to her how each day countless ideas fly though my head and get lost in no where land because there is no one to carry them through to completion. She said their problem at the company is a lack of creative thought. I walked away with her email address and told her if she wanted to harness some of my ideas and make them work, I was willing to share them with her for a price but was not interested in making them rich or famous without me. She completely understood.

I gave her the example of my friend Javier who was courted by Pepsi for two weeks, constantly calling him and inviting him to the corporate offices to talk about an idea he had. Then suddenly the calls stopped. Then soon after he saw on television bears make of snow skiing and snow boarding down the slopes. This was his idea. Pepsi extracted all the images he had created and the ideas and ran with them to create a hefty profit for themselves. They had handed the idea off to their own in house artists.

From this I learned that the ultimate commodity is creativity. If I can harness this within myself and turn it into cash flow, I will be able to pay the bills of all my family members, and leave each of my dogs with $12,000, 000 just as Lorna Helmsley did. God help me to find out how to do this.


Susan Stevens said...

Carl, you're definitely creative enough and it sounds like you're getting in touch with the right people...we'll pray!

Peter said...

Carl, Progress is good. Keep it up. I will also be praying. You are certainly creative and talented, just need the right contacts. We love you.