Saturday, October 4, 2008

Today's news

Well last night was the first night out of the tent. I did not sleep well. I had the French doors open so I did hear the crickets, but the mattress and bed I did not get along with. I almost moved it outside but held myself back.

Speaking of back, my back hurts today. But, the shower last night was awesome. I'd forgotten how good that water feels running down my body.

Now I'm rushing to the city each day and night to let the dogs out and feed them. Something else has to change.

On Monday I'm going to NYC to get some financial advice. I need to make a major change, this bedroom living is one of the steps. We'll see what the next one is.

In the mean time, I am recording a song or two at a local studio, eating and enjoying the 'being clean' thing. Brought the pit bull to the gallery today to see if I can get her a home. Soooooo sweet she is. Anyone want her?

I'm thinking of walking around White Marsh and knocking on doors to see if anyone with a sizable lawn will let me build an insulated dog house and put up a fence for them. Then I can walk over and deal with them each day. Anyone think this will work?

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