Monday, October 20, 2008

December Gig

A woman saw my Moulin Rouge performance and has asked me to do some numbers at the Johns Hopkins Christmas party in December. I'm thrilled. Loretta told me what to charge and I'm hoping to make all things final this week.

My videographer will be there as well as my photographer for stills, so I can archive it and up load it here for all to see. All of this is part of gathering up evidence that I can entertain so I can launch a career doing something I like.

By the way, a friend of mine told me I have typos here. Sorry. When writing emails the systems lets me know when I have spelled something wrong. Here there is no such help. My brother Peter, who spells everything correctly is to far to ask every time I post so, all you visitors will have to understand that I am not sophisticated (sp?). Sorry.

1 comment:

Peter said...

Carl, Thanks for the kind words about my spelling ability. And I must admit I have won my share of 'spelling b's' at both Chichester Central School and Gilmanton Elementary. But - I am afraid that the effects of a stroke suffered a few years ago and also just good ole' 'old age' have taken their course on this frail mind. Even if I lived in the same town and house as you, I am afraid that I would not be much help. We wish you good luck with the December gig. Go get 'em.