Saturday, April 16, 2011


Lots of rain, nice, wet rain, the kind I like. Went early to Home Depot and found few people shopping. Two of the several humans I did see I happened to know and were from New England. I told the clerk that 'weather or not, I was working in my garden today because I am from New England. No waiting around for conditions to get things done."

Here's a (probably sideways) video of my garden in progress. Elsbeth believes I am spending money in the wrong places, ie, the garden. "We have no lease agreement, I can throw you out in the street tomorrow and you would have no recourse. I don't think you should spend money on this house."

Regardless, if I am here only a few more months, I am making the kitchen a 'real' kitchen and I am being greeted each morning by flowers, bright, colorful flowers.

Well, instead, since I did something wrong, I'll give this pic of a bear.


sofia123 said...

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iconoclasp said...

Honestly, I prefer dry rain myself but we had the wet kind here in Michigan yesterday too.

I think it's great that despite temporary stay you've decided to do a kitchen fix and garden for yourself. I don't think many people would take time investing in something they can't keep, even if they get to enjoy it for awhile.

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