Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Busy, running to auditions.

Just got back from NY where I waited in line, on a very cold day, for an audition for a Cohen brother's film. Finally, a guy came out and said, "Get your head shots out. If you look like your pic you can leave and we'll contact you. If not, wait in line, come in, we'll photograph you, can take if from there."

Came around to me. I handed the pic, looked at him, he said, "How are you today." I said, "Frozen". He gave me one of those looks like, "Does this guy pass or not." Silence. "You're good" he said and I booked to the closest shop that had stuff I believed I could be interested in enough to pretend to peruse.

That was Sunday. I had gotten up at 4:00 to catch a 5:30 bus leaving White Marsh. The day before I had what I call a 'good' audition for a film over in Virginia. Good because they called me out and had me read the script different ways. Then, they asked if I could do it differently. Then they told me to hang around because they wanted me for call backs.

Several hours later I was called in. There was a board of six people and a camera man or two. One guy started to explain to me how he wanted me to read. Come to find out, I had the wrong script. They solved that, gave me two, one for Dracula and one for Frankenstein. They gave me time to prep. I came back and they had me read both of them in a couple of ways, and I was free to go.

All this action is a good sign. The others that I saw were simply thanked and allowed to go. We'll see what comes of it. I had wanted the role of the mummy, but upon arriving and being asked to read for Drac and Frank, when I asked about the mummy, they said, "Yeah, but we like your voice. The mummy has no lines." Sounds good to me.


Amac said...

Things are buzzing.

Carl said...

I'm excited.