Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back in the Game.

A huge amount of time has passed since I've been here. I am no longer living in my basement, but someonelse's. I'm still in Baltimore and in the process of rehabing Elsbeth's basement. I've been here over a year and now really getting the place up to par.

I'm climbing over boxes and things that I've pulled out in order to work on the walls and put in cabinets.

Since I posted last, I've been in a lot of films, some commercials, the Addi Awards Open by NFL films and a lot of other stuff. It's been a blast. I'll post some videos and pics for you.
Let me know that you're still out there.... if you are!


Anonymous said...

Here, and waiting to learn about the grand times you've been having.

Carl said...

Ha, Dear Grand Times I've Been Having Waiting To Hear dude.

I'm trying to keep up. Today I'll post. Thanks for tunning in.