Saturday, January 10, 2009

Palm Harbor training Samuel

Haultering him up. Believe me, if a camel does not want you to do this, "it ain't happenin!" Luckily, Sam allowed it and associated it with fun activity, at least 'change'. Very curious these creatures are.

Bringing the boy back after some training.

I thought this one showed a bit of the intensity in my body language that was always the state of affairs while with him.
The whole thing was a rush. One needs to constantly be aware and on one's toes next to such a beast.
Each night I searched the Internet for answers to questions I discovered during the day. I found out that only recently a local trainer suffocated when a bull knocked her down and sat on her. She had a lot of experience but even with that, when something this size becomes aggressive all the parameters change.


C. L. DeMedeiros said...

a heck!!!???


Carl said...

Yea, I'm posting this from Florida after a hard days work. God this stuff is thrilling! The sheer size along is baffling, let alone the adrenalin rush while working him.

Carl said...

I like your response to this. ha ha. Just living my life.

What, you don't train camels in NJ in between art shows?